Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Hold on Till May

Time flies by so fast. And before I knew it, April is over. May is here. I am now left with more or less a month or two of summer and then the rainy season will take over. 

I am trying to focus and put together posts, but until then, here's a peek of what has been happening to my life via my instagram posts :)

P.S. selca overload haha

Also, I might be moving to Australia. Soon? Im not so sure but I am hoping it will push through. There's so much paper works to do and stuff but I am excited. I am really crossing my fingers on this. Here's to hoping :)

Friday, April 18, 2014

NOTD: French Pink

Ive always had a soft spot for French Tips because of its simplicity. And so I decided to recreate the traditional one, and thus the French Pink nails!

Too girly? Or sparkly? Too much pink, I know. But its really a cute color combination. I used a glitter nail polish as the base and a hot pink nail polish for the tips.

Here are the things that I used: BK Nail Polish in Hot Pink which I got from Born Pretty Store and an OMG (Crystal Sand) Nail Polish in Quartz which I got from the local mall here.

This bottle of nail polish is pretty cheap and is of good quality too. The name of the shade is "quartz" which is a light pink shade with glitters.

If you are wondering why it is called Crystal Sand nail polish, I think it has something to do with the texture cos after application I felt that the nail polish has a rough texture similar to that of a sand paper. But no worries cos once you apply a top coat, the surface will be smooth ;)

This hot pink nail polish is actually an old bottle that I got from Born Pretty Store. I have been using this for quite some time and I think its been a year since I had this and the quality is quite impressive cos it hasn't fried up until now.

Unfortunately, the writings on the back is in Chinese or Korean so I cant really understand what it says, or what the actual name of this shade is.

Here are closer shots of the final result of my Hot Pink French Tip nails. I am really loving this style so I guess I'll be doing more of this combination. Its very fun and easy to do too.

I hope you like today's nail art!~ Have a nice day.