Monday, February 19, 2018

REVIEW: Megan Peel Off Clay Mask (Detoxifying and Lightening) with Charcoal Extract

Today's post will be a review of my holy grail peel off clay mask - Megan Peel Off Clay Mask! I have a lot of whiteheads which seems to be unlimited, and this is the only thing so far that can help me get rid of them.

I bought this from a local mall for Php 25.00 only per sachet, and it could last me a few uses. Be wary though as application can be a bit messy as the product is so sticky so sometimes I feel too lazy because of the mess but every time I see the results after application, I feel rewarded.

It claims to help remove impurities and lighten skin, but this is something that I am yet to see as an effect. But as a peel off mask, it does wonders with my whiteheads! Looking at the mask after removal is so satisfying, and gross at the same time lol.


  1. Apply evenly to clean face, avoiding the eye area.
  2. Leave on for 15 to 20 minutes, or until it has fully dried up.
  3. Gently peel off the mask from the bottom towards the top.
  4. Rinse with warm water and remove any excess.

And this is how it looks when applied. If Im lazy, I only apply it to my nose and T-zone area and the chin part as thats where most of my whiteheads are. But on days that I feel like pampering myself, I apply it to my whole face instead.

You will know that the mask has dried up because it will look a little less black, compared to when first applied. Just a heads up, it can be a little painful to remove, most of the time I am crying while removing it.

I was debating whether I should put the mask after removing with, with all the dirt and whiteheads but it might gross out some people so I opted not to. But if you can try this one out, trust me it really works! I am yet to find another product that works better than this, so for now this is my absolute favorite when it comes to whitehead removal.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

January Haul: Korean Beauty Products

I bought a few Korean products for pre order last December, and finally they have arrived Hurray! What I really love about pre orders is the sense of surprise it gives me everytime my package is delivered as I tend to forget about things I ordered.

I only bought a few essentials, a.k.a. things that were forever on my "to buy list". This would also be my birthday/Christmas gift to myself :)

L-R: Foodholic Acerola Brightening Foam Cleansing Facial Wash, Etude House Baking Powder Pore Cleansing Foam, Foodholic Jeju Healing Toner in Canola Flower, Care:Nel Lip Sleeping Mask (Original), Care:Nel Lip Sleeping Mask (Lime)

Etude House Baking Powder Pore Cleansing Foam

I know a lot of people were raving about this product as it seems to be really effective. There are still a few negative reviews but it didn't stop me from still wanting to try it out. This is made from baking powder, hence the name and it claims to be really good against blackheads and whiteheads as well as facial cleansing.

Foodholic Acerola Brightening Foam Cleansing Facial Wash

Foodholic is a good and affordable brand. I've tried their Snail Hand Cream which is really good. People on Facebook were raving about how this lightened their complexion, and trust me, if it will lighten my skin complexion again then count me in! It took a while to fully decide about buying this as I still have a lot of facial foam and cleansers on standby but I'm quite glad I finally did.

Foodholic Jeju Healing Toner in Canola Flower

Now same group of people raving about the Acerola Face Wash were also commenting about this also helped out with their breakouts and even acne scars! This facial toner and the acerola facial wash were the things they were using and it did wonders to their skin. I am still yet to prove it, but here's to hoping...

Care:Nel Lip Sleeping Mask

I know the packaging looks familiar people are even calling it a dupe for that famous brand Laneige! It comes in the pink variant which is the original one and then a lime version came up which prompted me to get just one to test it out. I am still on the lookout for something that would maybe get rid of the dark spots on my lips but for now I'll aim on having smooth and supple lips haha.

Batch Code and Expiration Date

And thats it! I am so excited to try them out so that I can also post reviews about the items mentioned. Oh, did I mentioned I got them for a very cheap price? Yes, and all authentic too!

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Prom Perfect Dresses from Milly Bridal

Classes are almost over, and that just means one thing: PROM! I know most of you guys are excited for this event. As early as now, you should be shopping for dresses to wear on that spectacular evening. Well, fret not as I found jsut the perfect shopping heaven for prom dresses online.

Prom Dresses Millybridal

Milly Bridal is an online shop that caters to our fashion needs. Not only do they have gowns for proms but they also have wedding dresses and accessories to match as well.

MillyBridal has been around since 2007, and has now become one of the most acclaimed online stores for teen prom and special occasion fashions. We are dedicated to providing the most cutting-edge fashion with some of the lowest prices in the entire industry.
If you are looking for cheap prom dresses UK, then you're in the right place. Ive been checking out their vast array of collections and here are some of my favorites from their shop.

Truly, this shop is made for maiking memories... as what the shop says. So check out Milly Bridal and order your perfect dress for that perfect day now!