Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Its Mine :)

If you really want something, then you should work your ass of just to be able to achieve what you want :)

Today I woke up earlier than usual, around 8AM I think. I had to wake up early and be in front of the computer early for a very important thing, the Rebecca Bonbon Slipper Socks :)
Actually, I don't know what these are, but basing on the name its supposed to be a pair of socks but then you can walk around the house wearing only this since its also a slipper, right? Haha I'm not sure about though. Anyway, what really attracted me to this one was the design. Its so cute and kawaii. And so upon seeing that this cute item can be redeemed for only 150 chic points, I really worked hard to get that much points in time. And so this day has come, and I was ready to claim it :)

When the clock stroked 9AM, I was getting impatient and tense. I was worried someone might get it before me. And so came a million F5 and refresh just to be sure I'll get to it first and then finally, I was able to get it! Yay~ I was so happy I couldn't think straight because I was too excited. I read from the site that the item should be arriving in two weeks time and I just cant wait for it. Im gonna post it here when it arrives :)

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