Saturday, November 13, 2010

Thesis Consulation

Today, we went to school for our thesis consultation. We presented the design for our thesis and I was really surprised and amazed at how my group mate was able to do it. Although I've heard many good things about him being a very good designer, but today I was able to prove it. Oh well, at least we had something to resent :)

I always wanted someone to talk to and accompany me everywhere I go, and so I brought Jam along with me to provide entertainment. And as expected, I got the fun that I needed, thanks to my little sistah :P

We arrived at home late in the afternoon. I was so tired and hungry. Yes, lately I've been eating once or twice a day only. Its not like Im on a diet or something, I just can seem to find time to eat :( I hope I dont get sick or something.

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