Sunday, November 14, 2010

Too tired to wake up :/

Today I woke up very very late. Would you believe it if I say I woke up at around 12NN? I must have been really tired. I could sleep last night and so I started to read the book I borrowed. It was entitled Garden of Lies, a story which revolves around two people who's life was changed because of one person's selfishness. The story is like that of Mara Clara, only that it happened because of the mother's choice. The story also talks about race and discrimination of black people, the love of a mother to her child, and of love and destiny. I was really touched with the story because the two female leads fell in love with the same man. One was waiting for her lover to return because he promised, but he ended up marrying the other one because of sudden change of feelings, or i don't know. My heart ached for the character who was left behind because she waited and waited without knowing that there was no use already for that.

I finished the book in like 3 hours or something, because when I checked the clock its already 5AM. I don't feel like sleeping because I'm not sleepy but I feel like I owe my eyes and body a rest so I closed my eyes and drifted to dreamland. And when I woke up, I was already home alone. No parents, nobody and most of all no food :D

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