Sunday, November 28, 2010

My Chicki Chick Wishlist

On my search for blog giveaways and freebies, I cam upon this blog by Tokyo Bunnie wherein I find the items so kawaii. And so I decided to join it because I might be the lucky winner to win those cute stuffs *grin*

Anyway, here was my entry to the giveaway contest.

My Wishlist

     Bag - Noroy-Chan Sling Bag

I just love slings, and this one got my full attention. Maybe because of its goth like look and the unique design of the bag. I don't know much about the character on the print but I love it still.

     Stationary - Latte Journal 

The front page is so kawaii. Seriously how can a latte be that cute? Haha the sticks on the upper part looked like horns. I chose this one because its a journal stationary and Gog knows how much I love journal type stationary.

     Jewelry - Doodleshop Mr Mole Necklace 

I was torn between this and a cute bracelet, but I ended up wanting this so much because of the plushie pendant. I have this thing for plushies and monsters. I don't know why but I just find them cute.

     Clothes - Brown Ear Hoodie Cream

I just adore hoodies but the climate here in the Philippines does not allow me to wear such. I simply envy those beautiful koreans wearing their kawaii hoodies and I just wish I could too :(
     Hair -  Highlight Magenta

Always wanted to have my hair colored purple or red, but can't seem to have it. So might as well go to the nearest thing that I can have, a fake highlights :D
     Cute Stuff - Domo Figure Brown 

As I've said earlier, plushies are an ultimate favorite. And this one is just what I need to sleep beside me at night :)

And there you have it. My Chicki Chick Wishlist is now complete! If you want more of these cute stuffs, please head over to Chicki's shop. I'm sure you'll love it there.

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