Monday, November 15, 2010


I don't know why I don't want to eat yet I crave for foods. Like tonight, I was watching the TV alone and I felt like I'm hungry I wanna eat spaghetti. The problem is, where do i buy one? I don't know Jollibee Delivery's number and I really really want to eat them. And then I came up with an idea : I'll cook :D

Actually, I have never tried cooking so I don't know how its gonna result. And besides, I only have pasta and a can of spaghetti sauce, no hotdogs or whatever. But since I am super hungry, I think it will suffice and satisfy my craving. Haha cooking can be this fun, specially if you don't know :)

And so after minutes of cooking, I'm finally done. It may not look like something from Greenwich or Jollibee but hey, its definitely okay. And just like what Dora's backpack always say, deliciouso :D

finally :)
my sister eating

 the face of evil :))

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