Sunday, November 14, 2010

Mischievous Kiss (Playfull Kiss)

If you love koreanovelas as much as I do, then this kdrama is a must watch for you.

I've always loved kdramas. Some of my favorites include Princess Hours, My Girl, Boys Over Flowers, You're Beautiful and many more. I love romantic comedy koreanovelas and so I really searched the internet for something new to watch since its been a long time since I was able to see one. And so I came upon this very cute and typical love-hate relationship between two people who were destined to be with each other.

Mischievous Kiss or Playful Kiss is a story of a clumsy high school student name Oh Ha Ni. She has this long time crush on the school's top 1 student which is Baek Seung Jo. And so when Ha Ni confessed her feelings to Seung Jo, she did not expect that she would be rejected. Seung Jo happens to hate dumb and clumsy people like Ha Ni. And then something happened that both changed their lives. An earthquake destroyed Ha Ni's house, and they were forced to live with her father's best friend. Little did Ha Ni know that the house they are going to stay in is the house of Seung Jo..

Super love their uniforms. Its so cute :)

The Cast
Oh btw, I super love one of the songs played in this drama. My heart aches everytime I see Bong  Joon Gu  (he is Ha Ni's friend and classmate, and a long time admirer too. In the story he is the leader of the ByeByeSea band during highschool) cry because of Ha Ni :( . Im not sure of the title but its something from ByeByeSea, they say the title is Marriage Proposal. I'll place a video here for you to be able to listen to it. Its so cute and sweet even though I cant understand the lyrics :)

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