Friday, November 12, 2010

Movie Review: Till My Heartaches End

I planned to watch this movie with someone, but then something happened and so what was planned did not happen. I was on Gaisano Country Mall one day, alone and so sad I don't know what to do. And so I went to the upper floor and the next thing I know I was already falling in line and waiting for my turn in the ticket booth. I really wanted to watch this movie and so I immediately grabbed the chance to be able to watch it.

I know that this movie is really something because I know the story and I truly felt I know how Kim Chiu feels. I was the only one watching the movie that time so the whole cinema was mine, except for the janitor and the guard though. It wasn't long before tears started rolling down my face. Yes I was crying because I was moved and affected and touched by Kim Chiu's pain. As I've said, I know what it feels. Good thing I was the only one there and the place was dark so no one saw me cry like an idiot haha. 

The movie talked about destiny and all that, and I hated it for a moment because of the word destiny. Of all things, why destiny? I felt like I was stabbed a million times because my chest hurts, not because of suffocation or whatsoever but because of the pain :( Most of Kim Chiu's line stroked me I wish I could die that instant. Her role definitely and literally portrayed my current emotions and what I am feeling that sometimes I regret watching the movie.

Gerald Anderson : Mahal mo ba ako?
Kim Chiu : Sobra sobra kitang mahal.

I cried during that scene. There was also that scene when Kim and Gerald had a fight and Gerald did not contact Kim the whole day. It was Kim who couldn't bear the thought of being away from each other and so she called Gerald. She was crying while talking to Gerald on the phone, "Galit ka pa ba sakin? Wag kanang magalit pls." Again, I know how that feels. But the part that really made me cry was when Kim was crying to her Lola after the breakup saying, "Ayaw nya na po sakin. Ang sakit sakit." I was really crying so damn hard I couldn't control myself and my tears. I really really felt deep inside how painful those words could be, especially from someone like the character played by Kim who truly gave her all for the man she loves. Nothing could be more painful than goodbyes :(

The last scene that talks about destiny. They just met out of nowhere after a long period of time.

Anyways, for those who haven't seen the movie please do watch it. Although you may not find it that good or something but the point is, the story is very good and you can see right through the characters that this is more than just a movie, it is a real life story :)

Till My Heartaches End Official Trailer

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