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Friday, September 1, 2023

Curvy Faja - Not Your Ordinary Shapewear

It's the first day of September 2023, and where I live it is already the start of the Christmas Season. There would be lots of parties and occasion in the next few months so I would love to stay on shape. I've been contemplating on getting some waist trainers to help me with my body shape. Good thing I stumbled upon this online store called Curvy Faja - which according to their website is a brand that cares deeply about women and their well-being. Curvy-faja is for those who want the look but don't want to permanently change their body for it. 

I have always been a fan of waist trainers and when I learned about fajas shorts, I instantly fell in love with how snug and comfortable they are to wear. I think it's partly because of how they were made and the material used in producing these items, making them more ideal for long term use than most shapewear.

This Tummy Control Shaper Short is an absolute gem because not only does it helps shape your body, it flattens your tummy and shapes your butt too! It comes in Black and Rosy Brown color, with sizes from XS to 3XL. This item retails for $34 only.

Tummy Control Shaper Short - $34

If you want something that will shape the whole body, then you'll find the Body Premium Manga Corta the best there is. Plus, it only costs $40 and you'll get that nicely shaped body you've been wanting. Plus, it comes in 4 different colors too so you have a lot of options.

Body Premium Manga Corta - $40

Their online store has a lot more different styles and colors of faja body shaper, which can cater to different sizes and body shapes. The items are very durable and fashionable, which means you can wear them under your clothing and nobody can even tell you're wearing a body shaper. Here are some favorites from their store which I am looking forward to buying.

I am eyeing the Seamless Stretch High Waist Tummy and Hip Lift Shapewear because of its seamless look and design. As someone who wears tight fitting jeans, I definitely wouldn't want what's underneath to peak so a seamless undergarment is a must for me. It has 5 different colors and is available in sizes S to XL. For $40 only, you get a waist trainer that reduces the waistline creating a slimmer, feminine silhouette.

Seamless Stretch High Waist Tummy and Hip Lift Shapewear - $40

If you need a sign to purchase a new waist trainer, then this is your sign because Curvy Faja is currently running their summer sale promo, with more items on their flash sale section. They are also offering FREE SHIPPING on orders over $59 and HASSLE-FREE RETURNS. You wouldn't want to pass on this deal right now, so head over to their online store and get one today.

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