Saturday, June 11, 2011

Necklace and Photo Print from HeatherRaesCreations

Good morning everyone! It's already 12:12 here, Saturday the 11th of June. I'm about to go to sleep in a while, but before I do, I'll show you something that I got in the mail early this week. Its my prize from Miss Heather of HeatherRaesCreations :)

I actually won her giveaway last May, and the prize just came in this week. Want to know what I won? Check out the photos below.

 My prize =)

 Photo Print

Im thinking of putting the photo print on my bedroom wall, but I still have to look for a better way to put it there without damaging it. Maybe put it in a frame or something or just hang it directly. Also, I got a necklace and a thank you note from here =)

Sweet <3

 Pretty necklace :)

Thanks Miss Heather! I really loved my prize.. My bedroom wall has been so bare but now it looks pretty cool with that photo print!

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