Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Yay~ My Prizes have arrived!

Hey guys! I know I've been lacking updates as to the packages I have received sometime last week so today I'll be showing them in this post. I will be combining items in one single post so I hope the length won't bother you =) 

The items I'll be posting are my giveaway prizes from different blog giveaways, mostly from etsy sponsors. As you all know, I love joining and winning from blog giveaways. I've won quite a lot already, and I can say that I am really lucky with etsy sponsored giveaways haha but anyways, I'll start the post now..

Although this happened last March, I only got my prize this May. Yeah, blame it on international shipping which takes too long, plus our local customs. Okay back to the giveaway, this one was sponsored by My So Called Vintage. There were actually three prizes up for grab, and the winner gets to choose which one. I chose the Modern gold choker necklace signed by Monet because I don't have any choker and I think this will look good on formal dresses.

Also, this is my first vintage jewelry and I am very happy because its got the signature of the maker too. I searched about this jewelry and found some interesting articles about it.

Polluted Pixie's April Giveaway

Last April, Polluted Pixie did a giveaway together with Loka as the sponsor. There were three prizes at stake, meaning there will be three winners too! Luckily, I won one of the prizes which was a pair of red feather earrings. I've never had any feather earrings nor a red earrings so owning this is quite new to me :)

Haha. I tried it on one ear and it's quite long. I think this would be perfect for some beach or tribal party, or maybe a boho one? We'll see.

This giveaway from My Devotional Thoughts was quite a surpirse win as I wasn't expecting it. I thought I'd only be getting a CD but turns out I got three items in all :)

First was a CD of Sara Evans. I'm not really a fan though, but after I received the item I instantly put on her CD. She has a nice voice and I really love her songs, specially the I could not Ask for More. I haven't listened to a CD for a very long time, say years since MP3's and online music has been introduced and having Sara Evans' CD to listen to is new to me. Also, I got a box of tea which I haven't tried yet and a pack of Swedish candy! My little sister loves the candy so much she ate the whole pack.

Disclaimer: This blog post was NOT sponsored by any of the above mentioned shops/blog. This post is also not an advertisement of any sort and I was not paid to write this post. It was entirely my choice and decision to blog and mention the above stated shops/blog.


  1. enjoy them dear, i'm glad for you :)

  2. Oh congrats! I've actually got a giveaway worth £45 running over at my blog which you are more than welcome to enter too if you wish lovely :) http://yesidress.blogspot.com/2011/06/its-that-time-again.html

  3. HAppy for winning giveaway. It always fun winning :)

  4. i am so glad you finally got the necklace! i cannot believe it took so long. usually my packages arrive really quickly. must be the international thing. very happy that you like it. monet is a nice brand & the necklace is beautiful. enjoy!