Saturday, June 25, 2011

Review - Black Crackling Nail Polish from Born Pretty Store

The nail polish I used in this post was provided by Born Pretty Store. Though this is a sponsored post, all opinions stated here are mine and are 100% honest.

2 Weeks ago I was given the chance to review a product from Born Pretty Store.  I was given the freedom to choose which item from their shop, and so I chose the Black Crackling Nail Polish as I am quite curious with it. I really wanted to have one, and since I can't find anything like that here I thought that this is a very good opportunity for me to try that popular product =)
Anyways, so the item arrived here yesterday which was quite a surprise for me. I've had other freebie items from them and the shipping usually takes a month, but this one took only 2 weeks more or less.

The nail polish was wrapped properly to ensure it won't break while being shipped. For some reasons I find this packaging very cute ^^

 Wrapped securely =)

 A little note... Or business card I guess?

Here's a photo of the nail polish. Unlike the usual nail polishes that I've seen, the Crackling Nail Polish has a quite interesting packaging. The bottle has a nice shape, and even the handle/cover of the bottle has a unique design too! Looking at the cover of the bottle you can readily tell that its a crackling nail polish. Amazing I must say.

On the bottle it says the Brand Name is Laushine. Haven't heard of it yet but I don't mind really. I'm more of after the result :) Also, since it is black, I cant say if this one is full up to the brim of the bottle.

I'm not sure if many of you have noticed, but when you try to shake the bottle you will hear some sounds. More of like balls rattling? Ahh yes, I guess they were placed inside the bottle on purpose to help in mixing the nail polish properly when you are shaking it.

Brand Name


I noticed that the brush for this nail polish is quite thick, which makes the application of nail polish easier. And even though its thick, it is still easy to use.

Thick blob of nail polish :P

And now I'm ready to start my nails~ I used this color of nail polish for the base mainly because its not shiny or glittery to look at. I thought that this would be best for crackling nail polishes...

Base Nail Polish

And after applying two coats of the crackling nail polish, here's the result ^_^

Random cracks :)

You have to be careful though as the nail polish dries fast, cause within seconds of application I've had cracks on my nail already! Wow super fast.

I know how top coats are necessary for the finishing but with the crackling polish I have realized that yes, top coats are indeed a must. If you look at the previous photo above you will notice that instead of a black color, the nail polish dries in a gray shade. Well its actually black when applied but somehow during the drying process it turns to gray. That's why after applying, you should put a top coat not just to avoid chipping but also to make the nail polish shiny and back to its original color.

Check out this next photo after the application of the top coat. Super shiny and its black now :)

I also tried another nail polish for the base on my other hand, and this time its a little bit shiny. I wanted to compare the cracks formed to see if there's a difference between matte and the shiny ones.

Turns out they're pretty much the same, which proves that the cracks are random.

Color: 5/5 Im a fan of black really, and I've been using black nail polishes most of the time because I find it cool and as you have known although I have this little girly type inside, I'm still a full pledged punk/rocker haha

Application: 4/5 The nail polish was easy to apply, and there were really no problems with regards to the brush. What I just hated was that the nail polish on the brush easily dries so I have to apply it on my nails real quick which was quite okay but a little hassle too.

Price: 5/5 For a crackling nail polish, this item is an ultimate steal! It's very affordable, plus its free shipping so you will really be able to save a lot. Perfect for those who are on a tight budget like me haha

Overall, I am very happy with the item. I am now looking into getting the other colors as the black one really impressed me. For years I have been into nail art, but now I am hooked to crackles :D The ones that I would love to try are the White, Pink, Purple, Green and Red Crackling Nail Polishes. And in case you might want to check them out, go visit Born Pretty Store and order yours now.

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