Monday, June 6, 2011

NOTD - 06.06.2011

Hi guys :) So today is June 6, and most of the schools here in the Philippines are already having their classes starting today. As for me, well I'm no longer in school. Yey! Haha so anyways today I'll blog about my NOTD. It's just a simple look for my nails, but I love it even though its just this simple because I love the nail polish that I used on this one :)

I bought this online at ebay.. Its basically just a cheap nail polish, prolly made in China but I was amazed with its quality. I love the color and the brush on the nail polish is of good quality too. I didn't had any difficulties applying the coats.

This photo was taken without flash. I compared my three fingernails, each having different number of coatings. I think 2 coats is enough already but since I wanted it to be a little thick so I ended up having 3 coats each. Here's how it looked when I was finished.

 With Flash.. It looks more pink

Without Flash.

Simple but I think its good enough =)

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