Friday, June 10, 2011

Wishlist Friday - 06.10.2011

Hi everyone! I'm starting out a new kind of posting on my blog and its called "Wishlist Friday". In these posts I'll be featuring items from various online shops that I find cute and adorable, and would someday want to have. So for this week, I'll start this series with a Hello Kitty themed wishlist :)

This necklace may look simple but I love the glitters on it. Its pink, and it sparkles which makes it even more cute and appealing to us girls and Hello Kitty lovers.

Now this one's just overflowing with cuteness :D It's just so simple but super kawaii ^^ I must have one pair of this!

Another cute pink Hello Kitty inspired accessory!


  1. Awww! I love HK too! :) I love the bow earrings. gooossssh! 

  2. The studs are Awwwsomely cute. ^^

  3. Oh yes the ring! I saw it on your blog =)