Friday, November 25, 2011

3D Pink Bownknot Stickers from Born Pretty Store

Remember my Nail Stuffs Haul from Born Pretty Store? I have already used some of the products and today I am going to show to you one of my favorite items from my haul, the Pink Bow-knot Shape 3D Stickers.

[Photo from the shop]

10 pcs Pink Bowknot Shape 3D Stickers, $1.42 || Buy HERE

Product Description
10 pcs in one package
Pink Bowknot
Double-layer petals
Decorate your home, mobile phone, etc…
Stick anywhere you might use a sticker!
Soft plush material
Easy to use

 And here's how it looked like when I opened my package. The stickers were safely packed in a plastic that was tightly sealed.

And when I lay them open on the table.. You just don't know how happy I was seeing these cute little pink bows that I have only seen online! But now I have them too. Me likey :3

These are made of plastic and are quite sturdy in my opinion. It has a size of more or less 1 inch, and is just right for the nails. My only complaint about the item is that the white lines on the bow's center are not centered in some of the items. Its only a minor problem though, and it being made in China (cheaper duhh), its just worth the amount I paid. Though I reckon these problems with the designs are random.

Kawaii bows ^^

And being the excited girl that I was, I immediately tried it on my nails to see how it looks like. Here's a supposed to be NOTD that was left unfinished because my little sister kept bugging me to give her some of the bows because she likes them too. But the problem is, the bows are too big for her nails. So I had no choice but to stop what I was doing before she steals my bows *evil laugh*

Pink and Purple <3

I think it looks so cute. Cute cute cute cute :D Haha I am now searching the net for design inspirations for my nails and I can't wait to try the bows again. It just looks so perfect on my nails. And, seeing that these stuffs are so nice, I immediately placed another order for more of these, but in white. I also ordered rabbit shaped ones and I'm going to show them to you when they arrive, prolly by December. Cant wait.

Till then, happy thanksgiving everyone :)


  1. OMGOMGOMG...these are AMAZING!!! You could do a whole Hello Kitty theme with them! I WANNNTTTTTTTT

  2. i couldn't agree with you more <3 haha the bows are just so adorable ;)