Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Circle Lens Review: GEO Morning Glory Brown WFL-A34 from CIRCLE LENS

The lenses I had in this post were provided by Circle Lens. Though this is a sponsored post, all opinions stated here are mine and are 100% honest.

Last month I got 3 pairs of contact lenses from Circle Lens (see related post here) to review. And today I am going to post the review of the first lens that I tried, the GEO Xtra 2 Tone Korean Circle Color Contact Lens in Brown or better known as GEO Morning Glory Brown.

Lens Description
GEO Xtra 2 Tone Korean Circle Color Contact Lens in Brown
Power: 0
Material: HEMA
Water: Content: 38 - 42%
Base Curve Radius: 8.4 MM
Diameter: 15.00 MM
Center Thickness: 0.04 MM
Package: BOTTLE (2 bottle per pair)
Using period: 1 year

Lenses inside the bottle

My Review:

 With Flash

Without Flash

My eyes are naturally brown, so I wasn't expecting anything spectacular except for getting huge doll like eyes because its 15mm. But then I was wrong. The lighter brown color in the central part of the lens was very visible, in contrast with the darker brown outer ring. The design is still visible from afar, but not as clear as when viewed in a close up position.

I really liked the design, it reminds me of the sunrise because of the pattern. Maybe that's why its called Morning Glory? Comfort-wise, I had no problem with the lenses. I can wear them for 3-4 hours with no problem.

I am also happy with the enlargement of my eyes, which people mistook for something doll-like. Here's a photo of me with and without lenses on my eyes. You can compare and really see the huge difference made by the 15mm lenses.

Overall, I am very happy about how this lenses turned out to be. It looks pretty natural against my already brown eyes and I can wear it everyday. Its perfect for a natural look, and is one of the most natural looking lenses.

My Rating:

If you want a natural looking lens that suits any occasion, then I would highly recommend getting the GEO Morning Glory Brown Lenses. You can purchase them online at Circle Lens for only $19.99. I'm sure you will love shopping at their site because they have the best customer service ever!

And now to end this post with selcas ;) I added photo effects to the photos via mobile photo editor.

Dolly look~ Thanks to 15mm lenses ^_^

And thats it. Please stay tuned for the other 2 reviews which will be up soon. Have a nice week ahead ;)


  1. I love these. They're really subtle.

  2. thanks :) i also love these lenses, great for everyday look.

  3. Love those lenses!! they looks great on you!! :)
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  4. in.the.jungle.of.fashion: Thanks hun :)

  5. Those lenses are great...your eyes really "pop" in a natural-looking way!

  6. They look beautiful on you.
    And good job on editing the post.
    Very clean
    Pictures are great