Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Mwah! Nail Polish in Orlando Blue

Remember this cute nail polish that I got from Watson's at 50% OFF? I have already swatched the first one, and today I'll show the other nail polish. This shade is called Orlando Blue. Lol at the names :P

But in my opinion, it doesn't look anything like blue. It looks ;ike green, or mint green, or any shade of green. Anything but blue. Enough about blue. I have developed a liking for this shade mainly because I love green.

But quality wise, I'd say I got what I deserve for such a cheap polish. Its quite sticky and hard to work with, unless I shake the bottle a million times to mix the content of the bottle.

But still, its green. So I am gonna say I love the shade, but not the quality.


I just revamped this boring nails and did a stamping nail art which i'm going to show in the next post :)

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