Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Stylish Me; Your Unlimited Wardrobe

It was sometime in October when I received an email from the lovely people of Stylish Me. They asked me to take a look at their site and help them in spreading the words about their cause. Of course I said yes because after reading and looking at their site, I knew I had to be a part of such a wonderful thing. If you haven't heard of them yet, allow me to introduce them to you guys.

 Screenshot of their Home Page; Super chic~ 

Stylish Me lets you borrow clothes from the brands you love. It makes it affordable to wear designer clothes as well as to have the wardrobe you always dreamed of. Stylish Me will give you access to one of the largest collections of clothing in the world. So you can stay in fashion while spending your money on more important things.
What I actually love about their plan was that we get to borrow/rent clothes from their wardrobe. While this could sound weird or something for other people, but for us girls who really cant afford the luxury of owning expensive, branded and stylish clothing, this is something that we have been waiting for. For a minimum amount of money, we get to dress ourselves in clothing we could only wish and dream for. I think its really a good idea, rather than buying an expensive piece of clothing and then wear it only once or twice. That would be a whole lot of money wasted.

As much as we wanted this to be a reality soon, Stylish Me still needs a lot of things to do. That is why they are asking us to help and donate to them any amount or help that we can extend to them so that they can fully operate. They have a targeted launching date sometime in 2012. For more information and details about this project, please check out Stylish Me. You can also find them on Facebook  and Twitter.

I really do hope that this pushes through so please lets all support Stylish Me.

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