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Hello Kitty & Floral Stamping Nail Art Kit W/ 3 pcs Nail Stamp from Born Pretty Store

Hi guys! I am back again with another Nail Art stuff that I would want to share to you. If you have read my Born Pretty Haul last November 21st, you must have seen the stamping kit that I bought. The Hello Kitty & Floral Stamping Nail Art Kit W/ 3 pcs Nail Stamp is a beginner's kit which contains all the necessary things needed for us nail lovers to do simple and cute nail art on our nails via stamping. Here's a photo of what the kit looks like.

Hello Kitty & Floral Stamping Nail Art Kit W/ 3 pcs Nail Stamp, $8.77 || Buy HERE

The stamping kit contains a stamp and a scraper (both in pink), 2 stamping plates (Hello Kitty and Floral) and three bottles of nail polishes (red, green and blue.)

If you have absolutely no idea as to how this thing works, you can always read the instruction at the back. I must say that I am quite impressed with the instructions on this product, because unlike most China products, the written English is almost perfect and is very much understandable.

But if in case its still not clear, I'll put the instructions in my own words as descriptively as possible :)

Instructions on Nail Stamping
  1. Prepare the necessary things you will be needing (i.e. stamp, scraper, nail polish, nail polish remover and the stamping plate).
  2. Check if your base nail polish has already dried because you wouldn't want to mess up your nails.
  3. Choose the design that you want from the plate. Apply a small amount of nail polish on the design, making sure that the whole area of the design is covered.
  4. Grab the scraper and scrape of excess nail polishes.
  5. Using the stamp, quickly stamp it on the plate so as to make the design transfer on the rubber stamp.
  6. After checking that the design has transferred to the stamp, you are now ready to stamp it on your nails. When it has dried up already, apply a top coat.
The stamp and scraper that came with the kit comes in a pretty pink color which I absolutely love. The scraper has a plastic finish, and so I doubt if it will last long. I haven't used this one yet as I already have a stamp and scraper which I bought separately but still from Born Pretty Store (read related post here). That scraper has a metal edge and I like using it, better than plastic of course :)

Plastic scraper~

The kit also contained two stamping plates which I find as a disappointment only because there were a lot of scratches on the plate. If you check out the photos below, you can see how ugly it is, almost like it has been used already. I don't know who or what to blame for it, and it could be a random defect only. But still its not a big deal because the plate can still function and the scratches will still happen anytime soon. Lol.

Adorable Hello Kitty at the center ^_^

Cute floral designs :)

Another minor disappointment were the nail polishes that came with the kit. They were quite sticky and I cant seem to get a hold of it. I had to shake it like a mad girl just to make the consistency better. Good thing it came back to a good state and I was able to use it, but not for stamping thought. I used it to create dots :P But of course everything deserves second chances so I will give these nail polishes another try. Who knows it might work the next time?

Overall, I am very happy with this product. The rants I mentioned above are not really that bad because they can be remedied and shouldn't be taken as a loss. This stamping kit has made my life easier especially on lazy days when I am running out of nail art ideas, this has saved me.

The prize of course is another thing. Its actually very very cheap, and you also get free shipping. That's what I love the most about Born Pretty Store <3

So if you guys want to try nail art stamping, I definitely recommend this stamping kit to you. Its very much affordable because it retails for only $8.77. Plus you can get an additional 10% OFF your purchases if you enter the coupon code JELL73.

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