Saturday, November 12, 2011

Nichido Minerals Precise Liner in Black Product Review

Watching youtube vids made me want to try out lining my upper lash line. My most favorite style is the wing style. But the only problem is that I can't seem to do it using my pencil liner, or maybe its just the noob in me who cant do it lol. So I decided to buy another eyeliner. I was battling between a gel or a liquid one, but since I am still practicing I just choose a liquid eyeliner because in my opinion its good for practicing. I knew I could get a cheaper one too, but nah I don't want to sacrifice quality for price. So I ended up purchasing the Nichido Minerals Precise Liner in Black. Its actually affordable, but not something I can call cheap haha. If I'm not mistaken this was sold for something like $3-$4 in my local mall.

Packaging says its long lasting and waterproof, plus does not transfer. Hmmm I am yet to comment on toss points. Read below for my review...

The eyeliner has a felt tip pen which is actually nice for the first usage. But the thing with felt tips is that they tend to loose their strength, and eventually lose the thin pointed end too. So after a month of using or something, you could be left with a useless thick pointed brush which I reckon will not be good for creating wings and etc. But this I must say will still depend on the usage and how you use it.


I love its sparkly bottle container. It isn't dull to look at because of the glitters on the black body. It's also got a long brush handle which makes it easier to hold and apply to the lashes.

Its also very thin and lightweight, so you can just carry it around with you anytime, no hassle or bulging in your purse or bags.

Anyways, here are some noobie photos of me wearing the eyeliner on my lashes. Please excuse my face, lol. And I am only wearing the eyeliner on my upper lash while I used my pencil liner on my lower lash line, nothing else. No make-up, mascara or falsies, just the eyeliner :)

Evil eyes.

Eyeliner looks nice in this photo ^_^

Lol uneven O_O *shame*

Up close...

My eyes closed. Now I cant see the eyeliner on the inner part of my eyes.

My Review

I had an easy time applying the eyeliner on my eyes. I didn't encounter any problems or whatsoever because it was very easy to use.

Product says its long lasting, but not for more than 8 hours or so. I also tried removing it with water to test if its really waterproof. And although it wasn't easily removed, I cannot fully trust it to be waterproof. After scrubbing water on my hand I finally got rid of it. Maybe for a slight drizzle this won't be a problem. But for heavy rains, I think the eyeliner might be removed.

Testing it out...

First try.

After rubbing it hard.

So I guess its still a pretty good liner, and for the price I paid its worth it. Though I might not be repurchasing this again if I find a better brand or a cheaper one. And there's still the gel liner that I wanted to try and venture out. Overall I'd give this eyeliner a 3 out of 5.

I hope you enjoyed my review =)


  1. This eyeliner looks great! Love the sparkley packaging too!
    You have lovely eyes by the way :)

  2. thanks for the compliment Miss Holly <3

  3. Thanks for the review and for telling me about your giveaway. Will definitely join. Please join mine, too, if you're interested:

  4. thanks for the review! :) i find gel liners easier to work with than liquid eyeliners but i like liquid eyeliners that come in pens. =)

  5. Wow I enjoy your review! Nice blog ;)

  6. hey thanks for visiting my blog..

    anyway, this is an awesome review. i love nichido too but i haven't tried his eyeliner yet. :)

  7. Wonder Woman: NP :) and I have just checked out yours too. good luck to both of us ^_^

    sugar sugar: yup many have said that gel liners are better. im still looking out for a gel eyeliner. any recommendations?

  8. Vyvy: Thank you :)

    pamgotcrazy: NP :) I think this product is new because I saw these one only lately. If you happen to try this one out tell me about your experience with the product =)

    aMz88: Thanks :D