Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Queen of Hearts {NOTD}

Hi guys! Today I want to show to you something that I find really cute.. My nails haha :P Its been a while since I last had glitter nail polishes on my nails. And since I had just bought a bottle of cute glitter polish last time, I decided to paint my nails with it :) Check out my current NOTD in the following pic :)

I am in love with the hearts and the glitters <3

To achieve this cute and sparkly nails, I first painted my nails black. I always have this notion that black will look good on almost anything. It can serve as a backdrop, so if you plan to do something on your nails like 3D nail art, stamping or simple glitters and stuffs, I would highly suggest using black.

The nail polish I am using today is Wet n Wild's Ebony Hates Chris. I am a lover of black but to be honest, this is my only black nail polish :P I would definitely buy another bottle once Im out of this one because its currently my fave [check out my detailed post on this nail polish here]

And for the fun part~ Here's the glitter nail polish that I used. Its pinkish and in the bottle you can actually see the glitters. Ahh so cute ^_^ What caught my attention on this was the hearts floating around. And the pink of course attracted me more hehe. In reality it isn't really pink but colorless, and I am guessing the pink comes from the reflection of the glitters which could be pink foils? Lol haha too much imagination.

And after a coat of the glitters, here are my nails :) It was hard getting the hearts for my nails, especially if you are fishing for it in a sea of glitters. But still I managed, and here it is now.

I am loving this look for my nails as of the moment. I especially love it when it glitters in the sun haha. And mind you, this is very simple and easy to do. Glitters are really fun on the nails, but sadly they are saying that they can also be a pest during nail polish removal. Well, I am going to see that tonight as I will be doing another nail art design on my nails in honor of my birthday on Friday :)

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