Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Until the Last Petal Falls...

In my previous post I have been ranting about the Nail Stamping Tools that I recently got from Born Pretty Store. I was so excited about my newest tool so I immediately set out and started doing my nails.

First, I still have my latest nails here, which I posted here. This will be my base nail polish for the moment as I am too lazy to remove it and swatch another shade. This will do, as of now :) So after coating your nails with any nail polish of your choice, you are now ready to get stamping.

The stamping plate I will be using now is the Hello Kitty Stamping Plate that I got from Born Pretty Store months ago, when they had a massive giveaway of it on their shop. I was one of the lucky girls who got it. But don't be sad, if you didnt get it, you can still get it for only $2.99, free shipping here. To be specific, I used a simple floral pattern on the plate.

And after a few trial and errors, I finally made my first ever stamping nail art! Its horrible in close up view, but from afar it looks decent enough. LOL. Haha

But here's a close up view of the design. Please excuse my design. I am still a noob at stamping and I am yet trying to figure out how to make the design transfer to my nails better. Its just a matter of trial and error and being patient enough.

Never mind the pinky finger, its a mess :|

Overall, I'd like to say this has been a success ^pats back^. Haha But I am still going to practice more now that I have four metal plates already. Yup, I now have four because a new package came in the mail today which I will be showing in another post later.

Rest assured, I will be playing with my stamping tools more now so that I will be able to achieve better looking nail designs :)


  1. gorgeous colour, and i want to buy these stencil ><!! they look really good!!

    CMPang x

  2. Thanks. You should check them out, you can find lots of them at Born Pretty Store, ebay, etc. Theyre fun to do with and easy :)

  3. Tanyabell: Thanks. haha but it still a little dirty. got to practice more :)