Monday, November 21, 2011

Nail Stuffs Haul from Born Pretty Store

And I am back again with another product haul. This time the items I got are nail stuffs, mainly for my nail art creations. And where else did I get them? From Born Pretty Store of course :) Man, I really love that shop. Awesome Prizes + Adorable Stuffs + Free Shipping = Super Love <3

Okay enough boasting about how much I love that shop. Now I'll be showing to you what I bought. Please excuse the quality of the photos. I took them at night and had to use flash, I was too damn excited when it came bahaha.

And oh, don't worry I'm going to dedicate a single post for each product I bought, so that you can get a clear view of each item :) Enjoy! ~

What I got:
Stamping Nail Art Kit, $8.77 || Buy HERE
Elegant White Lace Style Sticker, $1.52 || Buy HERE
10 pcs Pink Bowknot Shape 3D Stickers, $1.42 || Buy HERE

And oh btw, see those yellow balls above? They are actually curl formers for the hair. They sent it to me by mistake, and missed out on one of my order. So I message them about the mistake and they have gladly offered to me a replacement of my product on my next order. See what quality customer service can do :)

So if you are looking to buy nail art products, beauty products and accessories, you can always visit Born Pretty Store. They really have nice stuffs on their site at very affordable prices. And boy you gotta love the free shipping :) And dont forget to use the coupon code JELL73 to get an additional 10% OFF your purchases.


  1. wow great haul!!!
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  2. Dee: Thanks Dee. I just followed you on your blog =)