Monday, November 14, 2011

Ultra Bright Keychain LED Flashlight Torch from Born Pretty Store

I am a self confessed addict to Born Pretty Store. I have been constantly buying stuffs from them, mostly nail art and make up stuffs. But who would mind spending $$$ when you can earn rewards from them? Yup, you heard me right. Born Pretty Store has a very nice reward program that lets me shop shop shop for more! Haha So anyway, Miss Amanda from the BPS Team contacted me and offered to give me this Ultra Bright Keychain LED Flashlight Torch. Of course I took the chance and said yes because I wasn't able to get this the first time they gave away a lot of this.

Its actually very small but do not underestimate. You'll know why later ^_^. Aside from being a little flashlight, its also a key chain. So this would be perfect for carrying around, lets say hanging on your bags. I placed it on my bag already. Now I have something to light my way when I'm going home at night.

The switch to the flash light can be found at the back, which is turned on by toggling a switch. I think this is easier than pushing a button. With a switch, you can have the light turned on for as long as you like and just turn it off by toggling the switch again.

Here's how the bulb or LED looked like. Its located at the bottom of the flash light. And did you happen to see that circle sticker on the middle? Yup, its a sticker which you can easily remove and replace. So in other words, this item can also be used as a giveaway gift or promotional gift to corporate events or any other events. Just create a sticker, have it customized and stick it on the center! Easy to do and its also very practical.

There are three colors available for this product: Blue, Black and Gray. They sent me a blue one which is very nice in shade :)

And now for something that I told you on the earlier part of this post, do not underestimate this item because it might be small but it gives off a very bright light :) Yay~ I tried it on and here's 2 photos that I took.

taa daah~ bright light :D

Now I'm just so glad to receive this item. Its very useful nowadays. Its also easy to use and the batteries can be replaced easily if the power runs out.

If you happen to be interested to this gadget, here are the specs according to the site:
Price: $2.99
Battery: 2 CR2016 button cells with over 12 hours run time (continuous use)
Brightness: 22000mcd LED 
Switch: PCB control switch  

This Ultra Bright Keychain LED Flashlight Torch is actually very affordable, retailing for only $2.99. Plus its Free Shipping too :) And if you happen to purchase from Born Pretty Store, don't forget to use coupon code JELL73 to get an additional 10% OFF your total purchase! Have fun shopping :)

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