Sunday, September 25, 2011

Estee Lauder Eyeliner Pencil in Black {Product Review}

Im up again with another product to review. This time its my Estee Lauder Eyeliner Pencil in Black, which I already introduced in my last haul post. I have been using it for weeks already and so I am going to share my opinion and experience with this product :)

Estee Lauder Eyeliner Pencil in Black

The label's gone because of too much rubbing/cleaning haha

The tip of the pencil =)

I swatched the eyeliner on my hands and here's a photo. There are three lines, which means I swatched it once, twice and thrice.

Swatched; Once, Twice, Thrice

This time I draw a thicker line

The pencil was easy to use, I had no problem in drawing/swatching/creating the lines because it writes so easily and goes on smoothly. It's still new though, perhaps the reason why its like that, but I ave a feeling that this pencil eyeliner is a good one.

I then tried lining my upper lash line and waterline. For the upper lash, I had no problems with lining because it went smoothly. I only had a hard time with the waterline because my eyes kept on watering, making it almost impossible to draw a line. But with a few strokes here and there I was able to manage, and here's a photo of what I did.

Without Flash Photography || Outdoor Lights

Without Flash Photography || Normal Indoor Lights

With Flash Photography 

In my opinion, this is a good eyeliner if I were to base it on the price. Its easy to draw lines, even one stroke is enough already.

My Review

In terms of quality, I can say that this product is great. I got it for a very affordable price so I can say that its really a good one for that price. The only thing that I dont like about this eyeliner is that it can easily be removed with water. I tried to rub the lines on my hand using water and they were gone instantly. I also noticed the same on my waterline. I might not repurchase this one and I wouldn't recommend this product also because I know that there are a lot of other brands there that can do a better job.

How about you guys? What eyeliner are you currently using? I'm also looking into trying out the gel eyeliners because I have heard good reviews about them. What brand can you recommend? I'd really appreciate it if you can share to me some of your favorite eyeliners :)


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