Friday, September 2, 2011

From LA with Love

It has been a month since Ms. Sushi of The Treasure Cove hosted her 100 Followers Giveaway (in which I won btw), and my prize has already reached my hands ^_^

Im gonna do a review/swatch on the products in another post, but for now I'll just show you what I got :)

Quite a big package :P

All products that I won

Aussie 3 Minute Miracle for the hair, Sweet Pea Lotion, The Body Shop Eye Make-up Remover

Zoya Nail Polish in Venus, Sugarpill Sample

Yay, I also got a nice message from her :)


I'm supposed to get the Sweetheart Palette, but since it was sold out I opted for the same shades of shadow but in individual containers.

Sweetheart Palette Shades

All items were new to me as we dont have it here, so Im just so glad that I won because I'll be able to try out this awesome items :)


  1. nice stuffs :D congratulations gurl ;)

  2. thanks :) haha im really happy when i win something especially international giveaways coz i get to try new stuffs not found or mahal here in the Phil.

  3. me too! i just won 1 intl. this june and 4 this july..malas un august XD
    i got to try skin79 and sigma also dolly wink :D Super Happy ;D

  4. agree. haha malas talaga ang august kc wala akong winnings. sana this sept meron na haha

  5. omg! aussie conditioner. i have that. aussie products are the best!
    congrats on the prizes. :)

  6. thanks ^_^ havent tried it yet but it smells so good, almost like food. hahaha

  7. i love sugar pill.

  8. welcome to the club ^_^ haha many bloggers have been raving about how much they love sugarpill too. i havent tried it yet but instincts tell me im going to love it much ;)