Wednesday, September 28, 2011

MAX Lips Lipstick Swatches

Here's something that I got from my cousin who went to visit Holland a month ago. I'm not familiar with the brand, and I can't find anything on the Internet as well except for one YouTube advertisement. I guess this is not a popular brand, or maybe it is in Holland, but not worldwide. Its called MAX Lips, and I got two shades of lippies.

At first I thought its a Max Factor, but further researching on the internet told me its not. I really dont have a clue about this brand, but I dont mind because I got them as a gift anyway.

MAX Lips in Cherry Red

MAX Lips in Frozen Lilac

Of the two, I love the red one more because its a natural shade. I dont know about the frozen lilac shade but for me its to shimmery and the color is not suitable for daily wear, at least in my opinion.

Have you guy heard about this brand? Or do own anything from this brand? Im curious as to what other beauty products they have...


  1. i havee these lipsticks too ;D you can buy them in the Action in holland :3

  2. are they popular there? i cant seem to find stuffs about on the internet haha. im digging your blog now, and i love it <3

  3. ah noo they are not haha xD the store i said is a really cheap store here xD its like a dollar store in america, but then here x'3  andd aww thankyouu ;D <3