Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Get Comfy with Ralph Lauren Hoodies

Its officially the rainy seasons (well at least here). This is the time when the wind gets chilly, and all you can do to ease the cold feeling is to snuggle up in your pajamas to feel comfy. During this season, one of the most popular fashion statement worn by everybody are hoodies. They are super comfortable to wear, and keeps you feeling warm all throughout. Hoodies are one of my favorite outfits to wear, not only during cold days but even everyday. You can easily style them and pair them up with something to make you look fashionable. And when it comes to fashion, one of the most trusted name that comes to mind is Ralph Lauren.

Ralph Lauren has always been one of the top brands I have come to known. They have been quite popular in the fashion scene, with a wide range of products suitable for all ages. Their wide variety of products for sale includes tops, shirts, dresses, tees, jeans, hoodies and many more.

With the cold months just around the corner, one of the must haves in your closet are hoodies. Ralph Lauren has some of the most fabulous hoodies in their collection. These hoodies are available for both men and women, young or old. You can check out what they have in store at their Official Ralph Lauren Hoodies website.

Aside from their official website, you can also find these hoodies at other online shops like Repertoire. If you haven't heard about them, they are an online shop based in the UK. They have been in the business for already 15 years and has then become the leading independent retailer for designer fashion and clothing. They cater to our needs for Men and Women's formal and casual designer fashion but they also sell Ralph Lauren Hoodies on their site. You can actually browse through their fantastic collection of hoodies from Ralph Lauren. Here are two of my favorites from their collection.

When I first saw this online, I know its just the perfect hoodie! I could be biased because I love pink. But other than the color, I love how simple it looks, with minimal details. This is actually for men, but I think girls could also wear this. Wearing your boyfriend's hoodie is a very cool and sweet thing for me, much more a pink one. Its the perfect simple hoodie that you can wear everyday. Still very much fashionable without overdoing it :)

This stripe hoodie is more of the masculine style which would be perfect for boys to wear. I love the combination of the colors, it adds to the masculinity of the overall look of the hoodie. Although its got no extra details, but the stripes and the color is enough to give it that very cool atmosphere. I would totally fall for someone who wears this hoodie <3

If you check out Repertoire online, you will see a lot more of these Ralph Lauren Hoodies in their gallery, and I'm sure you'll find something that would be perfect for you. The prices could be a little expensive, but you should never sacrifice quality. Now is the time to get these hoodies to keep you warm during the cold winter night :)

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  1. I have just started working out and purchased Carbon38 workout leggings and tees for that. Since winter is around the corner these hoodies can be added to the closet. I am very happy to see this post, I will definitely buy these hoodies for myself.