Saturday, December 3, 2011

You Lace Me Up {NOTD + Tutorial} and a Review of the Elegant Lace Style Stickers from Born Pretty Store

Hello everyone! Its officially December, which also means that I turned a year older because last Friday was my birthday :) I was supposed to blog back then but I was really not in the mood and so I am only able to post again today.

And so I am now going to share to you something that I did this afternoon. I was feeling so sad and uninspired because someone's not texting me since yesterday and the thought of it is killing me lol. So yeah, I had to vent it on my poor nails :p Here's an NOTD plus a mini tutorial on how I did my current nails. I hope you enjoy it :)

Okay so first, Id like to show to you the items/materials I used in this simple but very nice NOTD. I recently bought a pack of Elegant Lace Style Stickers from Born Pretty Store. It retails for only $1.52 and contains 3 different styles which is good for using once on both nails, unless of course you plan to recycle the stickers ;p

[credits] Photo from Born Pretty Store
Professional for using on Acrylic False Nails / Gel Nails / Artificial Nails / Natural Nails
Suitable for Professional Salon use or home use

And here's how it looked like when I opened the plastic. As you can see the design is pretty much the same as the photo on the site, so I have no complaints as to that thing.

Also, an instruction can be found at the back of the pack, but if you don't understand the instructions that came with it then I'll just enumerate it in simpler words :)

1] Clean first the surface of your nails where you'll be sticking the stickers.
2] Choose the style of the sticker that you want to use and carefully stick it onto your nails.
3] You can blow on the stickers to make it dry and stick properly on the nails.
4] To remove, you can rub on the stickers or use baby oil and alcohol to remove it faster.

Before the tutorial, I'd like to give a brief review about the Lace Stickers that I bought. I got it for a very reasonable price, and I am happy with that. I also got enough for the price so its really worth the price I paid. It was easy to use and easy to remove, so no problems there too. Overall I am happy that I bought it because its such a nice product.

~What I Like~
* easy to use and peel of the protective covering
* affordable, worth the amount i paid
* lots of designs to choose from

~What I Don't Like~
* fragile, can be torn and ripped easily if not carefully removed from plastic.

Repurchase? YES of course!

And now that you know already how to use it, its time to start the job. To make things easier for me, I cut the stickers into strips so that it will be easier to remove from the plastic covering.

And for today's nails, I will be using this design. I chose it because I find it cute and the design reminds me of crowns :p Also I like the little floral-ish detail of the lace.

And after debating about the color of the nail polish I'll use, I finally came down to a decision; Red. I was really planning on the black one but since my last NOTD was also black, I decided to use another one, and red seems like the only nail polish color in my little stash that would go nice against white.

And so off I painted my nails with rrrrred :) I used two coats so that it will be truly red, and I love the result. Who would have thought that this uber cheap nail polish from somewhere in China would give out such a nice result? Nice :D

So okay after painting your nails in your preferred color, its time to start sticking. There's no rules or instruction on this one really because we all know how to stick stickers right? But we just have to bear in mind that we have to be careful in sticking the stickers because if we make a mistake its going to be ruined and you'll have to start again.

Here are some tips though; Make sure that your nail polish is already dry to avoid damaging it when sticking. Measure enough size of the sticker that you will stick on each nail to avoid wasting stickers. Shortage of stickers for the nails can be easily remedied by cutting another piece to stick. Start sticking at the one end of the nail and gently tap or press it on the nails to ensure it sticks properly.

And after a few minutes of cutting, sticking and pressing, here's the finished product :) Forgive me if I'm going to spam you with photos but I am just so happy about the results. In my opinion its really pretty and elegant haha :p

Although its already enough for me, I still felt like its missing something so I decided to add a few details with the help of rhinestones. You can also purchase this 12 Colors 2mm Rhinestone from Born Pretty Store still for only $3.88. There's a lot in the wheel, so its surely worth the $$$ I'm telling you.

I just kept the details simple by adding rhinestones on the top part of the lace. I choose the color green because uhm its Christmas, and red and green is the color of Christmas. Also because green is my favorite color haha. And after a few hardships at picking and sticking the rhinestones I managed to put them on my nails and here's the final result :) Another nail spam~

It really looks like something Christmas-ish haha lol. And I am very happy and proud of myself for coming up with such simple but very nice nail art. At least in my opinion its nice and cute though :p

I hope you enjoyed my nails and learned something from the tutorial :) Also, if you plan to buy stuffs from Born Pretty Store, don't forget to use the coupon code JELL73 to get an extra 10% OFF your purchases. Plus, all items are frees hipping with no minimum orders! So hurry up guys and start buying whats on your wish list before the Holiday starts :)

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. All opinions expressed here are mine and are 100% honest. Items used were either bought using my own money or given as a promotional gift but it did not affect in any way my opinions.


  1. I love the lace, so elegant :) And the decorations are really nice!

  2. The lace is so pretty! Looks like my deco tape hehe. Love the white on red combi