Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Another Etude House Puchase

Sometime last week I went to JCentre Mall to pick my free SkinFood items. I got lost for a while, though the mall is not that big. When I saw SkinFood's store, I was shocked to see that Etude House was just across it. Its like hitting two birds with one stone :D Haha now I have an Etude House thats just a slight 10-15 minutes away. Hurray!

Anyways as expected, I wasn't able to hold back le self, so I ended up picking two items from the shop. At least I was able to hold back to up to two items only :)

Yay for pink paper bags :)

I really love Etude House's packaging and stuffs, so kawaii ^^

And now presenting what I bought~ nyhaha :) Happy Tea Time Green Tea Cleansing Foam and a pastel pink Nail Polish :)

I know I already have the lemon version, but I really wanted to get a hold of the green tea one. So when I saw this on the shelf I instantly paid for it without thinking lol. It costs Php148.00 ($3.39) for this big tube, so I can say that its really worth the price. Now I have two of these items to review :)

As for the nail polish, this was not something that I really needed. I just saw it on the counter, found it cute and so I bought it :| I have always thought Etude House's nail polishes are expensive, but the ones from SkinFood are more expensive~

Just like all their other products, this nail polish has a really cute brush handle. And it comes in pink packaging so its really pretty in my eyes. It costs P48.00 ($1.01), and for this nail polish I am going to say that I had just wasted my money on something that's not nice :( I have used this nail polish already and I am going to review it. But honestly, I really dislike it. I am just sad because the bottles are really cute, and I really love the pastel shades of the nail polishes.

And thats it :) Hehe its just a small purchase but I am quite happy because I was able to hold back. I had to leave the shop immediately to avoid further damage to my wallet :P

Also, I'm sorry for not being able to blog for a day or two. You might have heard already that a typhoon just hit the Mindanao area of the Philippines. Though I don't live there (and thank God my family and I are safe), there are a lot of people who already lost their family and their way of living. Anyways, it has been raining here in Cebu and I got sick. I also have cough and colds which makes it hard for me to do things~ I wish I would get well already because I dont like being sick. It just makes me more tired :|


  1. Ack! I am so sorry you are sick. I really hope you get to feeling better soon. That polish is so cute!

    Can't wait to see more about the cleanser looks interesting.

  2. You can get so many korean products near you! *jealous* hehhe~ XD
    Cute pink~ ^o^
    Get well soon~ :3

  3. oh my gosh so jealous!! I've always wanted etude house brand LOL so popular haha I will try it one day in the future, and I hope you get better cutie! Sickness stinks >.<