Monday, December 26, 2011

Review: OMG by Klik Nail Polish in Bikini

I always feel jealous about other girls, especially blogger friends because they always have the best of the world when it comes to beauty stuffs and all. Haha it seems childish but yes, sometimes I wish the more popular cosmetic brands are also here in my place so that we too can have a taste at what these brands can offer. Anyways, enough of the rants. This is long overdue but finally I had time to finish this review of a local nail polish brand.

Klik, like I mentioned is a local brand. I think they made changes to their packaging because this one is quite new for me. And honestly, I like this better than the old one. One good thing about local brands is that they are so cheap I can buy a million bottles for a price of one expensive international branded nail polish. Lol seriously I exaggerated but the comparison is there :D This bottle costs only Php18.00 or $0.41, cheaper than cheap. Haha

And since I know our local brands, I wasn't really expecting anything. I dont even intend to use this again because I know it will become useless after the first use. I used to call them disposable nail polishes, but little did I know that this bottle will change my view for this brand specifically.

The shade I choose was called "Bikini". I dont know why its termed like that, but maybe because girls wear bikini and that girls love pink? I picked this because I was looking for something dark pink.

This brand changed its packaging, and I must say that its better than their old style. A bigger bottle would mean more products inside. Also, the handle of the brush is longer than before so its definitely easier to hold.

My Review
When I first swatched this, I was really taken aback. I never expected it to be so nice. Here's a photo of me wearing it with only one coat. You can clearly see that it has a great color pay off, something which I didn't feel in their old nail polishes.

One coat

Two coats

Photo with better lighting

As you can see, it really has a nice color. I am in love with the shade. Its exactly the color I have been looking for. The consistency is very nice, not too thick which makes it easier to apply. It also dries pretty fast which is a good thing. And it also has a shiny finish which shines when light strikes.

What can I say? I guess Klik improved their products and I can see that it is indeed better than before. I am definitely going to buy a few more bottles to try and see if its as pretty as this one.

P.S. I am going to post my NOTD in the next blog and this is the nail polish that I used for the base =)


  1. Lovely shade merry Christmas to you too!

  2. I love this color, plus the finish on it is really nice. I'm also addicted to coke...well, actually all nondiet brown sodas, lol. I love Korean Dramas, the only thing that sucks is being from the states its really hard to come by them.

  3. AMAZING shade of red!!! <3 <3 @____@ woooo~

  4. This red looks so cool!! I was thinking of getting a red one so I might get this shade of red ^o^

  5. Hi, I also did a review on some OMG polishes.

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