Thursday, December 15, 2011

Just Another Busy Day

Hi guys :) Its already the morning of December 15th here in the Philippines, and tomorrow will be the official start of Simbang Gabi which will end on Christmas Day. I'm not sure if I'll actually be able to attend mass because I am such a lazy gal, therefore I cannot be bothered to wake up early in the morning (at dawn), unless someone bribes me lol.

Today was quite of an okay day because I had some relaxation time. So I did some personal stuffs like clean my closet though its really not that clean :p I also shop for some food at the supermarket, mostly junk foods, break and a pack of chocolate bites.

Bread from Swiss Cottage ^^

I bought three kinds of bread because I am not familiar with the others. The one that I had was the Meat Bun, while the two other breads were for my brother. I am feeling so kind today lol.

Star Bread :)

And this meat bun is mine.. All mine :D Hehe its actually one of my favorite bread. I love to eat this with ketchup ^^

And this.. was not what I wanted it to be :| I thought that black thing is chocolate bits but nah, turns out its stupid raisin. Oh well, brother is eating it and not me so no problem haha.

And this pack of KitKat Bites was not on my plan, but when I saw it on the stand I knew I must have it. I really loved KitKat and I used to eat a lot of this way back.This packaging is quite new to me because I usually see the bar chocolate. I wonder how this looks like.

Aside from food.. Err I couldn't resist looking at other stuffs. And by other stuffs that would mean make up and clothing. So yeah, I eventually ended buying a shirt and a cheek tint.

This cheek tint is something new for me. I have blushes but I dont use them because I dont think it suits me. I look like I burned my cheeks ;p I have used this already and so far, I love the outcome. I am even thinking of throwing out my blushes because I dont find them useful anymore now that I have this. Im gonna use this everyday now and I'll review it maybe next week :)

And this shirt, well what made me buy it was the print. I seriously think its cool. The print reminds me of the flag of USA, and I find it cool. Isn't it cool? Or maybe it only appears cool to me? O_<

The back print is also funny, I think I have read this phrase somewhere. Hehe. And the best thing? This shirt was only $1. OMG total steal! I instantly grabbed it from the rack and paid for it before someone else sees it.

Overall, I am happy with how my day ended today. It wasn;t as tiring as the previous days, but tomorrow is another thing because I'll be back to work all day so I better get some sleep now. Have a great day ahead girls :)


  1. ooooh all the food you got so yummy looking~ especially those kit kat bites >.< I would love to steal those from you LOL! ^___^ have fun~!

  2. The food look tasty ^o^
    Looking forward to your review ^^

  3. aww I love that kit kat bites XDD
    I'm so hungry rite now, gotta have some snacks now, LOL