Sunday, December 4, 2011

New Stuffs Bought

Its already December but I can't feel it because I am so broke, and even on my smallest and basic needs I have to rely on le parents for money haha. Anyways we went to a trip to the mall last week and I managed to grab a few stuffs ang place them together with my mom's purchases, making her pay for it all lol.

Actually I have no plans of buying anything because like I said I have no money. But since I have been hearing good things about the Asian Secrets Lulur Body Scrub, I told myself I have to have it, right now. And so I did.

I also bought a whitening lotion in the hopes of making my skin go back to normal because the evil sun destroyed it. Ahh I'm so sad because of that dark spot on my left leg. I should have listened when they said the sun is harmful. Damn sun i hate you so much right now. I also grabbed a small pack of Garnier Light Gentle Clarifying Foam for me to use. I have this little experiment with my facial washes that I hope will work out, and I'll share it to you guys soon :)

I thought that would be the end, but turns out its only the beginning hehe. I missed eating Peanut Kisses so I also grabbed a small pack when we passed by the food section. Its very cheap only so I know my mother won't mind :p

And lastly, a small pack of oats~ I won't eat this lol I don't eat this stuff. I bought this so that I could try doing a home made oats facial scrub. I have seen lots of tutorials on YouTube and its so easy to do, trust me. I am so excited to try it out too :)

And that's the end of this let-my-mother-pay-for-this haul =) Have a nice weekend ahead.


  1. I had a Lulur experience in Bali and totally loved it! Nice buys =))))

  2. Same here, I don't have much money left and have to rely on my Mum to get me stuff that I need.. >.<
    I have tried washing my face with face oats for about 2 weeks everyday and it helped a lot :) Messy though >_<