Thursday, December 8, 2011

Review: iWhite Korea Whitening Pack Peel Off Mask

Hi guys :) I'm back again with another product review to share. Today is December 8, the Feast of Immaculate Conception of Mary (today is our baranggay fiesta hehe). Also a quick reminder, my BH Cosmetics Giveaway ends on the 10th so please keep your entries coming.

So today, I am going to blog about a whitening peel off mask that I have been using for quite some time. It's called iWhite Korea Whitening Pack. I'm not sure if this is a korean beauty product but since the label says Korea so it might be :3 I bought this one months ago for almost $1 for two sachets. My 1st pack still isnt fully consumed because I dont use that large amount on every application.

The product comes in a white sachet, which for me is nice because it looks clean. It might be simple for others but sometimes less is better, so I can say that I like how this product was packed.

What the Product Claims
According to the label, this is supposed to revitalize, cleanse and enhance our skin after use. Hmm want to know if these were achieved? Continue reading pls :)

Directions for Use
Wash your face first (any facial wash will do), rinse well and pat dry. Apply an ample amount of iWhite Whitening pack on your face, avoiding the areas like the eyes, nose and mouth. Wait for about 15 minutes or until the mask has dried then gently peel it off. Start form the chin going upward.

The pack might look big, but actually there's just enough contents for 3-4 uses. This is how mine looked liked after cutting the plastic in half. I think I'm down to my last application as there's only little left.

The product is white in color, has a faint smell which I dont mind coz it doesn't bother me at all and is quite sticky. So to avoid wasting it, apply it immediately on your face because it can dry quite fast and might not stick to your face anymore.

Apply it evenly on your face, just like how I did mine. Lol it was hard for me to cover my face properly because the mask was sticking on my fingers and not on my skin XD

But after a while, I managed to cover enough of my face, and here's how it looked on me. Haha I know this is not a good photo but oh well, better than nothing :)

While waiting for the mask to dry, I was taking photos of myself. I think I look better with the mask on? HAHAHAHA

I was touching one side of my face to check if its already dry, but eeek! My fingers got stuck to my face :|

The mask wasn't completely dry when I touched it. I tried to pull my finger without damaging the mask but I failed. So guys, better make sure that its completely dry before touching...

It left a hole right there :D hehe So yeah since it was already dry, I started peeling it off. And let me tell you, this little devil sticks like there's no tomorrow. Seriously, it isn't like what you see on TV wherein you pick at one side and start peeling and everything else comes off smoothly. I had a hard time with this as the mask keeps on breaking so I have to start peeling again. And there were some parts where it was really hard to peel so my face ended up like a patch. Lol I just had to resort to washing my face with water to completely remove the mask. And the result?

My Review
I can't see anything that would mean it has revitalized my skin. I don't see any changes as of the moment, but of course such things dont happen in just a few seconds right? But one thing that I like was my skin felt cleaner and tighter. I also felt fresh and my pores were cleaned. I didn't became white instantly of course, but a few areas of my face lightened after 3 uses, so maybe thats a good thing already.

Although this is cheap, I don't think I'll buy this product again. I had a hard time removing it and the cheapness won't compensate for that. I might just find another peel off mask to use that is easier to work with, just like the one from Garnier.


  1. Thanks for the review! ^O^ It looks so sticky x3

  2. at least it felt fresh and your pores were cleaned! I been looking for a nice simple peel of mask haha thanks for the review though!

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  4. I guess it's not effective for you because you put a small amount only. I tried that and yes,it don't work but when I apply a large amount and make it thick. my whiteheads was removed.. try to make it thick. :))

  5. i try it just last night ...yes ur right in that one but not all ...u put it on your face only small amount and thats wrong u better apply a large amount ......u says its cheap but i think u buy an sachet only its not enough for one applyng ,u better buy 95 g ,so u can apply more to your face that enough to it....but its up to you if u want to use that again ......anyway thanks for the review it !!

  6. I have been using it once a week and i feel better on my last use of that product, i consume less than 40 pesos ... this product helps me to minimize the appearance of pores and also prevent a little oil in my face :)... Actually, there's a peel-off mask for nose together with that iwhite peel-off mask for face...

  7. Thanks for your review Jel. Too bad, the result didn't work out the way you wanted it. Next time, try using it in more liberal amounts because it is more effective that way ;)

    Anyway you might want to follow our official facebook and twitter pages to be updated on upcoming events, promos, and giveaways :)

    See you on our pages soon!

  8. Someone recommend this iwhite product to me but i don't know where i can buy it from. I live in the United States of America and i was wondering if you know where i can buy it or if there is a website i can buy it from. Thank You. Also if you know any good products for blackhead removal etc. Thanks

    1. try to buy it in ministop or 7 11 convenient stores..

  9. --
    I Love this Product! It made my face look Fresh, Soft & Clean. I also like it when I wake up every Morning my cheeks look like it's Rosy Pink.


  11. i tried that i white peel of mask.. and for god sake it was really painful.. well, it does remove your whiteheads or blackheads (but for me it is not effective even i tried using it twice and thick cover to be sure ).. well this is for sure.. it does make your facial hair more thick and longer.. so i stop using it.. it is peeling of my thin facial hairs and making it thick..