Wednesday, December 7, 2011

DIY Home Made Oat Facial Scrub/Mask

Finally, I have tried the Home Made Oat Facial Scrub/Mask that I have been seeing all around YouTube and some blogger friends. It was a very fun and nice experience and I would like to share it to you guys. Hope you will learn something from this post =)

First, you must get hold of a pack of oats. Actually you will only need a small amount hehe. In this post I am using a brand of oats that I found on our local supermarket. It was very cheap and I got a lot of oats already. So yeah, I kept the rest because I plan to do this everyday to see if there will be any noticeable changes or whatever.

Okay to start, grab an ample amount of oats and place it in your palm, just like the photo shown below. There's no measurement as to how much or how many, but you can just decide on that part.

Pour water on your hands. You can do it by closing your palms in a fist like position and let the water from the faucet run down and enter your hands through the hole between your thumb and pointer finger, like the photo shown below.

Or you can also do it by just opening your palms and sprinkle droplets of water on the oats. I figured this is easier for me because I am in control of the amount of water, and I dont get that much oat wasted because of the running water lol.

During the procedure, slightly press on your hands on the oats to make it softer. And then repeat the same steps of adding water to the oats to soften it even more.

After a while you will see that instead of a clear liquid, the oat will produce a milky-ish liquid. I don't know if it helps but I used this on my face before I applied the oats, kinda like a toner or something. And mind you, it feels so nice on my skin :)

So after you have soften the oats with water, you are now ready to start scrubbing on your face =) Let this be a warning though; it can be quite messy as the oats tend to fall so make sure that you are in an open area so that you can clean the mess easily.

Scrubbing removes the impurities and dead skin cells, plus I am hoping it will remove the flaking on my skin too because I am currently peeling because of something that I am using.

Supposedly this was for a facial scrub only, but I find the feeling of having oats on my face a nice and refreshing one so I thought of using it as a mask instead. Seeing how well they stuck to my face, I applied the rest of the wet oats on my face, and voilah~ instant face mask :D Oats does not smell like perfume or anything but its not that bad either. I dont know how to describe it but it reminds me of a rice granary or a place with so many rice and corn  lol. Anyways, here are two photos of me cam-whoring with the oats on my face.

Hi kids, this is the oat monster

After a few minutes, I started to feel that the oats have dried up so I washed my face already. The oats really stuck that much I had to scrub a little because they have dried up. After washing my face with water I felt refreshed and my skin felt clean too. Definitely I am impressed with this oat thingie. And because of this discovery, I am now going to do this every morning :)

So you see it was quite easy right? Plus not to mention its a healthy and safe way of cleansing your face because you are using natural ingredients. Oats has a lot of good benefits, you can Google it to check :3 I think this is a good way of letting my face rest from all the facial washes that I am using. I hope you guys get to try this one too because its really a nice routine, especially in the morning.


  1. my roommates used to this oat facial mask,but i just ignored them...but you, you just convinced me to try it out too! ^_^

    Sparkling Bunny

  2. i've wanted to try oatmeal but my mum never buys oatmeal and i cba going to the stores haha ^^

  3. тainтed мeмories.: same here my mom dont buy oats too so i have to sneak them on her grocery basket haha

  4. sparklingbunny: you should try it its really nice :D