Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Circle Lens Review: i.Fairy Gummi Gray from UNIQSO

First and foremost I'd like to say my sincerest apologies to Uniqso for the super delay of my review :| I hope they are not mad at me though, and I am quite sure they aren't because the staff there are really kind and courteous. They always address customers with "dear" at every email =)

About a month or so I received another package from them containing the i.Fairy Lens in Gummi Gray for me to review. I have already been sponsored two bottles of nail polishes from them before and this is my third sponsored product already :) Thanks Uniqso <3

Okay so now to the product. As always, it came in a cute box. They really have these cute and adorable small boxes and its amazing how the items fit in these boxes :3

Bubble wrap inside the box :)

And can I just say that it has the cutest vial designs ever? The vials are smaller than the usual too which I find cute :3 Hehe definitely for keeps lol.

Product Name: I.Fairy - Gummi Grey
Item: LNIF016GY
Brand: ( I.Fairy (SUNnBON)
Diameter: 16mm
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Water Content: 55%
Replacement Period: 12 months

The reason why I chose this specific lens is because the design reminds me so much of that thing or power something from Naruto :D But don't get me wrong, I'm not a fan haha. This lens has a diameter of 16mm so expect it to be bigger than usual lenses which are only 14mm. And looking at a photo of me with and without lenses, I have come to a realization as to why its called circle lenses. Its because these lens tend to make your eyes or pupil look round, especially to those who have chinky or small eyes. Aside from the enlargement which would be quite obvious, the round eye effect can be surely seen if you compare your eyes with and without lenses.

See? Without the lenses, I feel like my eyes are sleepy or I might even look angry lol. But with the lens on, it gave my eyes a rounder look, and the enlargement is an added bonus :)

From afar, the design is noticeable too, prolly because this shade is not your traditional gray. It appears to me as somewhat bluish green and not gray.

Up close, the design is still noticeable and the color becomes more bluish green to me ^_O. If you look at it its not really that big, but if you can compare it with your normal eyes you will surely notice the difference right away. After all, these are 16mm :O

I also took some shots with the lens from different angles to see what and how they would look like. The first one is quite scary haha. It looks like the lens is a piece of plastic and it seems to bulge on my eyes >:)


In this view the design is not that obvious, and the gray color seems to be at random. I like it better this way because its more unique.

And from this angle, I think the design looks really natural. Except for the fact that my eyes are gray/bluish green of course. But other than the design, its definitely something natural like.

My Review
This isn't the biggest lens that I own, but I had a difficult time putting it inside my eyes because it always falls. I have a feeling it wont fit or maybe I am just not opening my eyes too big. Oh well, after a few tries I managed to get it in and it feels comfortable.

Water content is also higher than usual, so this should stay comfortable for a longer time. But of course you always have to bring drops with you just in case. In my experience I had no problems with regards to the comfort as it was really nice.

My Rating
Comfort : 4/5
Design : 5/5
Color : 5/5

Overall, I am very happy that I chose this lens. Though I might not wear this for daily purposes, I love to wear it at night because the design and the color is really vibrant and it would be easily noticed.

If you want to try out this pair of lens, you can check it out on Uniqso's site or click HERE. Its on sale for only $20.61 (10% off) and if you enter the coupon code AO10, you'll get another 10% off. Total steal! So guys, please do check it out and support Their shop. I promise you wont regret any transactions with them :)

And again, a big thank you to Uniqso for sponsoring me this lens :)


  1. You're right Ms. Jel.
    That is best for evening events. :)
    Super nice color.

  2. wow so unique and interesting!! ^^

  3. Wow these lenses are so different from normal ones! Nice colour :)

  4. Btw I have also tagged you in my post!

  5. Those look gorgeous! Unfortunately, I can't wear contacts because things near my eyes freak me out! But I would love to try ones like those!

  6. Wow the design is so interesting O: It's funny how they look blue in one picture then green in another hahaha xD

  7. The design is interesting and fun. Definitely something that could be worn for a night out to give a look that extra bit of pop!

    I love the box they came in. It gets me jazzed about trying lenses for myself ^.^

  8. Vonnie: Thanks :) And I agree with you, it would really suit a night out party ^_^ you should try to check out circle lenses.. once you've tried it you will definitely like them :)

  9. Yoyo: hahaha you're right. at first i was even thinking that maybe i got the wrong color, but it really says gummi gray, but the color is somewhat blue/green like you said :p

  10. habbott2: i was also afraid to try them out at first, but after watching vids online and trying them out myself, i find it not scary anymore :) you should try them out one day too =)

  11. MuiMui: thanks :) and thanks for tagging me too ^_^ im gonna answer your questions in my next post ^^

  12. ♥ MISSABEGAILA ♥: I guess its because of the color and design which would probably look better at night :) Thanks for the comment =)

  13. wow the lenses look great on you :D
    and the lens design looks pretty cool ^^

  14. You know what, I so love this lens! The design is so unique. I'm a cosplayer so this lens really suits an anime character I think.

    Btw, I just followed you. Hope you could follow me back. Thanks!

  15. nice pair of len! they're so gorgeous..