Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Review: ES A103 False Lashes from KKcenterhk

Hi guys :) First I'd like to apologize for being so behind with sponsored posts. I'm really trying my best to publish them as soon as possible but sometimes work can be so harsh on me, leaving me with little or no time at all. 

And so with a little time off today, I am going to do a review on a box of false eyelashes that I received months ago from KKcenterhk. They are an online shop that is mostly known for their false eyelashes and wigs, but they do sell a variety of other items such as make ups, nail stuffs and clothing too. They have really expanded their stuffs now so I suggest you check them out online.

Now on to the box of false eyelashes that I got. This is the ES A103 False Eyelashes that comes in a box of 10 pairs for only $7.3. 

[credits] KKcenterhk
Product Description
~ Lots Of 10 Pairs (Black Color)
~ Black Luxuriant Natural Lashes
~ Make Your Eyes Look Bigger And Attractive
~ Can Be Re-used If You Take Them Off Carefully
~ False Eyelash With Box Package
~ Box Size : 182mm X 90mm X 17mm
~ Suitable For Any Personage
~ Can Be Used Party Or Professional Make Up

This is how the lashes were arranged inside. Pardon me for taking two lashes from the same row, hehe. I know you are supposed to take them horizontally as that's how they are paired but still I don't think it makes a difference as to which is left or right, right? And yup, there were some dents and faults on some lashes due to shipping maybe, but all these can be remedied easily, so no harm done. As long as the box wasn't crashed or burned then I don't have a problem with that.

Up close you can see that the ends of the lashes were securely pushed at the back of the box, so if you remove them you have to be careful. Pushing the ends on the other side of the box can help too. The bands are made of nylon, but its not uncomfortable at all. Plus, the natural look and feel of these lashes makes it perfect for everyday use without looking too dramatic.

The alternating long and short lashes also makes it more natural. These are not too thick, so it can easily blend in with your own lashes. A little curl and mascara will make it better :)

Natural Lashes ^^

Like I said, these lashes are so natural you can barely tell I'm wearing them. I didn't curl or put mascara on the false eyelashes in this picture but they pretty much stand out. I did cut the lashes though so that it will fit my eyes more, but I think I cut it a little too short on the center? Haha, FAIL.

I really like looking at my eyes because they look so much better with these lashes on! And it doesn't even look like fake :P

I also took a photo of me wearing it, but this one is quite blurry because of the flash but you can see that the lashes are truly natural looking from a distance. And I have nothing to say about these lashes because its just so perfect for me. I am not really the glam type so I would prefer natural lashes over those bulky ones.

My Thoughts
Although $7 for a box of ten lashes is quite expensive, but if you get quality lashes then I don't think the price will be a problem. Also, shipping from Hongkong is quite fast if you ask me. Usually I have to wait for about a month, but with items from KKcenterhk they are usually here in more or less two weeks.

I also love their customer service, although not really as fabulous as other shops, but definitely better than others too. You can always contact them via email if you have queries.

Aside from the lashes being dent when they reached me, I have no problems with it. Its very durable and I can prove that because I have been using that pair of lashes for months and it doesn't even show signs of wear even though I would sometimes tug them from my eyes lol.

So would I recommend this? Of course! If you are looking for natural lashes that would perfectly blend in with your eyes, then you better check out this ES A103 false lashes from KKcenterhk, definitely worth the money :)

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. All opinions expressed here are mine and are 100% honest. Items used were provided for review purposes but it did not affect in any way my opinions.


  1. nice review :D price is decent, especially in comparison to popular japanese lashes haha, so nice and natural!

    I'm gonna definitely check out their site :)

  2. Thanks for the review, it looks very natural ^^

  3. I remember going on that website once and everything looks really expensive there >.<
    Thanks for the review though~ ^w^

  4. I love kkcenterhk false lashes too :D
    it looks so natural, love it :)

  5. Vyvy: yep, if compared to japanese brands this is quite cheap already. but i think quality wise those japnese brands are better? haha more gyaru seems to like them so much

  6. MuiMui: thanks :) yes they are really natural..

  7. Yoyo: i think i wwill agree with you. i wdont think ill purchase from them though because they dont offer free shipping. i know some sites with cheaper prices and free shipping.. but i think kkcenterhk is still a nice shop especially because they have a lot of items for sale hehe

  8. cominica: thanks :) im glad you liked them.