Saturday, December 17, 2011

Freebie: Skin Food GoldKiwi Premium Kit

I have always loved korean beauty products. Aside from the fact that they are really effective, i do believe that they are less harsh and damaging to the body because they are made mostly from natural ingredients. And since I live in a place wherein I am so deprived of such good things, I have to grab every opportunity I can have to get hold of korean items. And so I was so happy to receive a voucher for a free item from Skin Food. I went to JCentre Mall yesterday to claim my freebie and here's whats inside the bag :)

Skin Food :)

Taadah~ Skin Food GoldKiwi Premium Kit :) There are four small sized products inside, all are from the GoldKiwi range. I haven't heard about this yet so I am excited and happy that I get to try it. I have always loved Skin Food ever since I tried a few sample packs of their products. I would have bought the full sized ones if they weren't so expensive :|

When I opened the resealable bag, here's what I found. These are bigger than the sample packs that I use to get online so I am quite a happy girl :)

4 products :) Thanks Skin Food

And here are more photos of the items which I individually captured. Enjoy~

Skin Food GoldKiwi Toner

Skin Food GoldKiwi Emulsion

Skin Food GoldKiwi Serum

and this one I dont know what.. moisturizer?

At the back of the plastic I saw this. I am pretty sure it says something about the items but since I cant read Korean Langauge then I might just have to rely to the internet for translation. But if you know what this meant then I would be glad if you can help me read it :P

I might use this one next year because I want to finish some of my products first. Or I am also thinking of wrapping it up and giving it to my mother for Christmas. Hmm.


  1. I wonder what Emulsion is? O:
    I wonder if there is that brand here in UK >.<

  2. OMG i fell in love with cute packaging but I don't think it's available to my country? :(

  3. Congrats!

    Btw, Nu Skin is an American brand, but I know a distributor, so if you are interested in trying out or buying Nu Skin products, just let me know. :)