Thursday, December 29, 2011

Early Christmas Gift

In my recently concluded giveaway, I have mentioned about how wonderful and accommodating Marco and Lisa are. They are the owners of the shop Color Lens World. And Marco has even sent me two items as gifts =) I am really happy about what I received because they are very useful to me.

Yay stamps :D

Marco sent me a heated eyelash curler and something to clean the face. Between the two, I am more familiar of the lash curler. I have been using it everyday and the results are really amazing. I am going to do a review on it maybe tonight or tomorrow. As for the face cleaner, I am not sure as to how it works so I am going to google it first =)

Again, I am thankful to both of them for the friendship and for the communication that we have. I consider them as my first seller friends because of the talks and communication that we had via email. Although they are relatively new in the market, I can guarantee that their products are really nice and are safe to use. Plus the items really arrive faster in my opinion. So guys, please check out their site at Color Lens World.


  1. I totally get what you mean, they are soooo kind its almost unbelievable!!! and yay I can't wait for the review! I was thinking about buying that heated curler from them but wanted to see how well it worked :)

  2. Aww they're really kind! I wonder how well the lash curlers work O:

  3. That was really nice of them. I've been curious about heated lash curlers, but haven't gotten around to purchasing one.

    That face cleaner is so nifty. When used with a regular foaming face wash (not one with micro-beads or other abrasives) the results are phenomenal.

  4. can't wait for the review, aww it's so sweet of them!! :D