Sunday, December 18, 2011

{I'm a WINNER} Fynale Lens in Honoo Red

After a month of waiting, finally my giveaway prize from Jeneara has arrived ^^. I wasn't really expecting to win because I never had any luck when it comes to circle lenses as the prize, but yeah I did win :)

My prize was carefully wrapped in bubble wrap, plus a business card was also sent. Jeneara is a cosplayer, and that would prolly explain the prize that I got.

Please visit Jeneara's site :)

At the back was a sweet note :3 Thanks.

And now to present my prize... My prize was a brand new pair of Fynale Lenses in Honoo Red.I never knew red lenses existed because the common ones are blue, brown, green, pink or violet. But I do know that for cosplaying there are those weird and unique lenses. And like I said, Jeneara loves cosplay so that should explain the red lenses that I got. I am just so happy to own a pair of red lenses. Truly these are so unique, although its got a simple design.

I've never had a Fynale lens before, but I've heard about the Hello Kitty Lenses being made by Fynale.

I tried to take a photo of the lenses in the bottle to show the red color but I think I failed on this. The lenses just won't cooperate. Oh well, I can take a lot of photos when I review them anyway.

And oh by the way, my parents are back from vacation which means the camera is back too :D Haha finally I'll be able to take proper photos. Although my new phone can capture nice photos, its pretty much useless when its dark :P So please stay tuned for my upcoming lens reviews. I have tons still piled up and I hope to post them before Christmas. Yay just a week left.


  1. Congrats! :)

  2. So luckkkyyy~! Hehehee~ Looking forward to your review~! :3

  3. congrats <3 I can't wait to see it on you!! ^___^