Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Accessories and more!

Today I'm gonna show you three stuffs I owned which I consider as something I truly love. They're not as expensive as those branded accessories but I love them. I bought them not for the purpose of wearing (but I do hope I could wear them) but because I find them cute at first glance, and so I bought them right away! Haha

The first accessory I bought was a pair of earrings. I got them from a Korean shop near our school. The sales lady said they're only fashion earrings but who cares, wait until you see them and then you'll know why I love them :)

Guitar shaped earrings! And they have stones on them too.

The reason I bought them is because of their look. I think the guitars are so cool, though blue is not my favorite color. I have worn them once or twice to school, and I must say they're too heavy! But I still love them because they're kinda expensive than my usual earrings.

The next accessory I bought is a wired ring. I remember I have been looking around for a ring and haven't found one till we had this visit to a Mall (read related post HERE).

I also bought from an online shop a custom made headband. I'm not fond of wearing headbands as I find them too heavy for my head to carry but still I bought this one.

 Its purple.

The monster plushie :) I had them custom made for me haha

I just love looking at the plushie even though people stares at me and find me weird because I have this weird looking thing on my head lol.
And the recent one that I got this Christmas is my Bow-shaped Ring. I got this one at a night market for a very affordable price and I really loved it.

 This bow shaped ring is my favorite right now, though I haven't worn them yet. 

I was also about to buy a snake ring but my mother said not to because she doesn't like the way it looked. She doesn't understand anything about this, she doesn't even know that these are most wanted today! Oh well, I might buy them when she's not around :)

Here are more photos of the ring. They are a bit bigger for my finger and I don't know how to adjust them but I don't really mind, as long as they don't fall out.

I used macro shot here, but I don't know if it worked :p my hands are a bit shaky


  1. /reply/ ! Yes it is international :) ! I forgot to mention that in the posttt. I'll add it in now, thanks <3

  2. wow thanks! im joining it :)

  3. wow thanks! im joining it :)