Thursday, December 30, 2010

Hello Kitty Photo Album

I went home today and was surprised to see something on the self. The pink item caught my eyes for I knew that they were not there in the morning, so it has to something that's new. I hurriedly went to check it out and guess what I saw.

A Hello Kitty Pink Photo Album :)

Yes, it was a photo album. Well, photo albums are not my type but when I saw that it was a Hello Kitty item I instantly fell in love with it. I'm not an avid fan yet but I'm starting to like them because I find them cute, and they are always in pink (which is kinda my favorite color). So anyways, the album is not mine but my sister's a gift from her godmother. But since its my type I'm gonna take it. Finders keepers right? Haha 

I checked the album and opened it to see what's inside and here's what I saw.

Side view. I don't know what that means :P

Isnt she cute? Haha

There's a heart shaped window where you can see Hello Kitty :)

Remember when I said I will take it? Well yes I took it from the shelf and hurriedly went to my room. I have some raw pictures of myself which I haven't placed in an album yet since I was still looking for an album. I instantly started with the work, but since I only have about 9 photos, I was not able to completely fill the entire album. But its okay, since I am kinda happy with the outcome. 

A pair of scissors, some construction paper from high school, a glue, my photos and the photo album of course :D

The outcome.

I'm still not finished with the whole thing as I have only pasted about 8 photos, and I'm still panning to design it with some cute stickers and all. I guess it will have to wait till next year coz I'm kinda busy.

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