Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Review - Careline Lip Gloss

I had recently purchase a lip gloss and now I'm gonna do a review about it. The product is from Careline and its my first lip gloss, aside from the lip balm that I also purchased from them.

Its pink! I got interested with it because I saw some people with idk how to call their make up theme and then they look really good with natural like lips, but of course I knew they had to be wearing something. And so to try that effect, I bought this instead because I don't like to wear make up and for me a lipstick is too much.

When I first tried this, I thought it left a stingy sensation on my lips. It felt weird at first because of the stickyness but after a few minutes when it has somewhat dried the feeling is okay. And I love the pink color it gives my lips. Better than lipsticks right?

Here's a swatch of this lipgloss.

And this is how it looks like when applied =)
I took this photo with flash, prolly why the color is a bit light :D

Bottom Line:
I love the pink color on my lips! I am very much satisfied with the product, although I find the feeling of wearing a lip gloss weird at first. I love the faint smell of the lip gloss, and the pink shade of course :)

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