Thursday, December 9, 2010

Nail Polish anyone?

These are my latest nail polish purchases. For those who didn't know, I love changing my nail polish almost everyday. I have weird designs and I love them that way. I'm thinking about blogging "Nail of the Day" but I can't seem to find time to photograph my nails. Maybe I'll try to do them later :D

Anyway, here are some photos of my previous nails. Sorry for the mess, I'm no pro at it :P

The Newspaper Print Nail :D I had a hard time achieving the output of this because of the wrong materials that I used.

 Different patterns on my left hand

My right hand, still with different nail patterns.

 One of my favorites! The Watermelon Nail Design. Yummm :)

Black Nails with Circular Patterns.

 Another fave! Inspired by The Used's Blue and Yellow :D

 Plain French Tips with Vertical Lines

Inspired by the Tourist Bus Hostage Taking Event and that or Rolando Mendoza's Act, my Philippine Flag Nail Design :)

 Simple Turquoise Nails with Glitter.

Plain Purple with Glitters

I think I'm gonna start posting Nail of the Day soon :) I better buy new nail polish for the job.

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