Sunday, December 26, 2010

Hello Kitty Clip-on Ear Phones

I was out tonight to accompany my cousin because he will be shopping for some stuffs like clothes and etcetera. And so we went to the night market because stuffs are cheaper there. I had no intention of buying anything as I am so broke, but I do glance once in a while at the beautiful accessories that they are selling there. I wish I had money at that time :(

Like I said, I really did not plan to buy anything from the market, but when I saw this cute pink earphones I knew I had to buy them! I am in desperate need of a new set of earphones for my Mp3 player and I knew that this would be the perfect thing.

Its Hello Kitty! And its pink, yay~ :)

I love the way it is packed, it looks like a case or something since its made of hard plastic.

 The contents :) Love pink so much!

The instructions or manuals I think.

Kawaii :D

I already used this one and I must say that I just love the pink together with my green Mp3 Player. Although I find the bulge in my ear a little distracting because this is my first time to wear a clip-on earphone, but I think I'll get used to it. I hope this one lasts for a longer period of time because I don't plan to buy another one, not soon, unless I find another one cuter than this :P

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