Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Chic Reward! Rebecca Bonbon Slipper Socks from Kmart

After waiting for more than a month, finally my Chic Reward from Chictopia has arrived. It was already ready for pick up last December 13 at Cebu City Post Office because I used the 6000 zip code for Cebu City instead of Mandaue City's 6014. So my package got to the Mandaue City Post Office today only. 

I was excited and happy to see that my reward has finally arrived. I got it last November 10 and its almost the end of December, so you must know how sad and worried I am. 

 I dont know anything about first class mail international, but it must be expensive because of the first class. Im not sure.

 My name on the receipt, and the wrong zip code that I used :D

The package I got was placed in a box. When I opened it, I saw the socks wrapped in purple crepe paper. You should have seen my face when I saw the purple paper because its my favorite color.

And oh btw, look what I found aside from the socks :) Chictopia is too kind to include this cute little pins together with the socks I redeemed.

I carefully opened the package and here's what I saw :)

 The tag :p

 The socks also came with a cute little hanger.

 The cute little pompoms which were tied in a knot on the upper part of the socks.

 Heart patterns

 Its Rebecca :)

 The sole of the slipper socks. Its cute in personal, there are little dots.

And the result? Im super happy! Haha. Although this is already too late for my birthday, but it came just right in time for Christmas Day. Thanks Chictopia and Kmart. Happy Holidays!

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