Monday, December 6, 2010

DIY Hair Bows

Yesterday I made a DIY hair bow. I got the idea from youtube and some online sites, so I made my very first DIY hair bow :D

The things I needed were pretty simple and easy to find. All I used are some pieces of scrap clothing, ribbons, needle and thread fro sewing, a hair pin and a glue gun. I must admit that it was hard for me because I haven't tried arts and crafts before. I had a hard time with the sewing and with the glue gun, I think I made a few mistakes every now and then but I managed. Although the final outcome is not something that you would consider as sale able, I'm still contented with the outcome. Well, you be the judge!

Its cute right? I used pink and green as a motif :)

 My little sister Jam wearing the hair bow.

 Close up

 Me wearing the hair bow. Sorry for the flash :P

 Dont mind the background, haha.

So what do you think?

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