Wednesday, December 15, 2010

My new MP3 Player

Finally, I have a new MP3 Player that I can use, specially when I'm traveling. I love to listen to music and this will surely be of great use!

I didn't pay a single amount for this one :) Yes I got it for free, or as a reward rather. Its from Super Metro Mandaue's Reward Card and I begged my mother to claim this since she has accumulated a lot of points already. After days of begging and drama she finally gave in and that's how I got this!

And because I also would want to redeem items on my own, I also got for myself my own Reward Card from Super Metro. It only costs Php10 since its only a temporary one. After 3 months, it should be permanent and a fee of Php140 will be asked. Oh well, I have to use my card from now on so that I will get the points. But I doubt if I will reach a lot of points since I only shop for something below Php1000. I might as well bring this when my father shops for clothes >:))

Metro has a lot of other rewards up for grabs. You better start saving points now if you want to redeem pretty cool items from them :)

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