Friday, December 3, 2010

Tired but happy :)

Yesterday was my birthday, and honestly I did not enjoy it because I did not get what I had been wishing for. But then again I realized that there's no need for me to be sad because I am surrounded by people who loves me :)

And so today, I went out with a special someone. I went to his school so that we can go to the mall together. I was worried about not seeing him on the meeting place because I have no way of contacting him; I do not bother bringing a cellphone with me because his cellphone was not yet repaired ;) We were supposed to meet at around 3:30 but I was late because I got off the wrong place on my way to Ayala. I had to walk a long way and my feet were already tired and I was thinking about him getting impatient for waiting. Good thing my friends saw him at school and entertained him for a while.

So after we met at school, we went to watch a movie. I was laughing and crying at the same time and I think I looked stupid. Then we ate at a fast food chain, I was like a pig and I'm embarrassed haha. I was so full I was not even able to finished my large coke. And then when we were about to go home I bought an ice cream. He also bought something for himself and he also bought me a slush from thirsty. So while walking down the streets I have two things in my hand :D

Went home a little late because we were not able to notice the time. Like I said, we both do not have cellphones right now and even watches. Indeed time flies fast when you are with someone you love <3

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